Why Prop Bets Are Popular?

What makes the NFL or NBA more fun to watch? When you bet on a safety being the first score or you bet on LeBron James to score more points than Kawhi Leonard in a Lakers-Clippers showdown…that makes any game more exciting. This excitement in only part of the reason why prop bets are popular.


Proposition bets were primarily a Super Bowl thing when they began to take off. Now, you can bet on a whole menu of proposition bets for most any game in a major sport. Prop bets get more popular every day.

Prop Bets – Game Long Fun

Your favorite team might not be playing on Monday Night Football, but you can still enjoy the game if you’re wagering on it. Even if you placed a traditional bet – moneyline, spread, or totals – you can partake in some game-long fun by placing a prop bet.

Popular NFL prop bets include betting on quarterbacks to go over or under a certain number of passing yards, passing touchdowns, or interceptions. There is also the “which team will score first” prop bet as well as a number of player head-to-head wagers that will keep you engaged all game long.

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Betting Value

When you can’t find a solid value bet on a game, you can always turn to prop bets to find some. There’s bound to be a gem hidden somewhere like your favorite quarterback given an Over/Under line of 272.5 and he’s projected to throw for over 290 yards against one of the NFL’s poorer pass defenses.

The best online sports betting sites will offer a huge variety of bets, including a vast array of props that are sure to provide tons of betting value. Are you beginning to see why prop bets are popular?

Smack Talk

You know what else is fun when you’re watching a game? Having a prop bet or two in your back pocket and watching as your winning unfolds in front of you. 

Then, you let all of your friends know it. Your mouth runs non-stop spewing smack talk as you remind everyone there that your wallet is getting thicker by the minute. 

Fantasy Players Score

Fantasy players can easily capitalize on prop bets in whatever sport they are playing. Good fantasy players are doing all the same research that goes into finding solid value proposition bets.

In the NFL, fantasy players are looking at projected passing yards, rushing yards, and more. Doing the research for their next fantasy game can provide the information they need to make a good prop bet. Two birds, one stone and the potential for a big winning stone.

Variety Makes Props More Popular

One thing sports bettors love, crave even, is a huge betting board. Bettors love choices and when you look up prop bets you will find a large menu. 

The typical bettor goes to his sportsbook account and goes to check the board for, say the NBA. There are moneyline bets, point spread bets, and totals bets. Those are a given for any sport.

Then, the bettor can go check out the fun area. It’s like going to the candy store, checking out everything in the front. Then a secret back door opens up with candy you’ve never seen before.

Imagine being able to wager on Lebron scoring a double-double and a Lakers win. Or, how about his teammate Rajon Rondo. Imagine betting on Rondo to total over 10.5 combined assists and rebounds. You can when you see the NBA prop bet menu.

Prop bets are simply fun and exciting. They keep bettors involved in games, allow for good-natured ribbing, and offer plenty of betting value. The NFL is already widely wagered on, and with the increased number of NFL betting options, that number will only increase.

For these reasons, they will continue to be popular.