When is the next time we’ll hear about Billy Walters? Your guess is as good as mine


The famous sports gambler is in hot water with the FBI once again. This time, he’s been indicted on federal charges of insider trading. He was dragged off a Las Vegas golf course last month and eventually had to fly to New York to plead not guilty to the charges on June 1.

Information regarding the case has been scarce, if not outright non-existent since that day, and it’s unknown when Walters will return to New York to start his trial. He has said to the Las Vegas Review-Journal that he looks forward to his day in court; he’s said the same thing three previous times when beating bookmaking and money laundering charges from the feds in the past, as well.

Read why Phil Mickelson, as able to get off easy, and bit more of an explanation behind why the federal prosecutors think they finally have enough to “get” Billy Walters this time.

According to their story, over six years, the former chairman of Dean Foods Co., leaked Walters insider information about one of the nation’s largest food conglomerates to help pay a gambling debt. Thomas Davis has already pled out and is cooperating with the feds in their case against Walters, who also allegedly gave pro golfer Phil Mickelson this information for him to profit. Thus, he could repay a betting stain to Walters after he did so.

The verdict will certainly play out in court at some point – but the dearth of available news means that I can’t tell you when it will happen.