Price Per Head Poker Solution

Do you like to play poker? If you are a bookmaker/agent, we bet your clientèle does. And here is your situation – are you well-equipped to accommodate them if they want to play at the virtual tables after wagering on some sports? Can you keep them occupied, even if they are on a mobile device? You are going to find, the further you go with Price Per Head, that this is going to be very critical for your overall business.

That is why your best bet, if you are not with us already, is to come aboard with Real Bookie and take advantage of the opportunity to offer your end customers a poker game like no other. The Price Per Head poker solution we offer is not only state-of-the-art when it comes to graphics, but is easy to play and has plenty of room to accommodate everybody.

As you may know, it can only help you to promote poker to your customers, because it is relatively hassle-free and there is nothing but profit for you there. You have the chance to take a rake, and therein lies your revenue. You will be offering Texas Hold’em to your customers, who will also be able to enter tournaments, and there is nothing they have to do except log on and play. There is no downloading to be done. And you can offer them private tables to play at as well, in case they want to conduct games with each other. Remember that this is a credit-based solution, so you are going to be settling up with your customers on what they win or lose, and obviously what the software allows you to do is control the limits on each of your players, so that their account doesn’t get out of control.

Through this PPH poker solution, Real Bookie also ensures that you are the only one with the sensitive financial information on your players, something not everybody does. This all happens in real time, so you know where everybody stands whenever you look at your screen. And you’ll have the chance to customize what size your tables are going to be, and that will have an impact on your bottom line as well.

The last thing you want to see happen is for those who are betting sports with you to find somewhere else to go, just because they also offer poker. Real Bookie keeps you in the game, and thriving, by giving you the chance to cash in on poker right now! Get in touch and let us show you how it’s done.