The bookie business is a crazy business and if you are a bookie then you know this to be true. It matters not how many clients you have, they are demanding and they want paid. They want the latest lines and odds and you must be all things to all people, all of the time. It’s fun being a bookie, some of the time! It’s fun when you are at the beach golfing or anywhere enjoying your money but the job comes first and if you want to keep making money then you must be available for your clients. The bookie business can be rewarding and it can also be a never ending nightmare. Stop the madness, find a top tier, state of the art pay per head service.

What a PPH does, is solve your problems. The beauty of going with a PPH is tenfold and the best thing, it’s easy to get started. In most cases it takes less than a day to be up and operational with a fully functional race and sportsbook and to be generating revenue the first day.

Stop paying a fortune for a PPH Bookie Software solution that refuses to support you. is the best deal that we have found on the internet. In this business you get what you pay for and at $10 per head, these guys are a bargain. Try then for 4 weeks and you will see the difference. Realbookies delivers security, quality and customer

Bookies want to grow their business but have trouble doing it with no real solutions for growth. A1 Price Per Head is the solution that can turn your business into a profit machine. There isn’t a better time to get in, the NFL is back, and you need a top shelf sportsbook along with a casino and racebook. A1PPH has been in the pay per head busines

Are you a bookie that’s tired of not having the means to meet your clients demands? Stop the old way and start fresh with The RDG Corp is the nation’s leading PPH provider and it’s a turnkey ready operation. If you want the best bookie software in the business and the best online sportsbook at a fair price, then the RDG Corp is f

Convert your clients to a PPH and they will love you, they will stay with you and they will look at you as if you are a “big timer”, one of the online big boys. Most of the online big boys are a pay per head. Certainly not all but one thing is for sure, they operate under the blanket of the same idea and structure of a PPH.

Top attributes to look for in a great pay per head service:

  1.  Do they come loaded with a great reputation?
  2. Do they have great customer reviews and can you find them in a review directory online?
  3. Are they fair priced? Most top of the line pay per head companies charge around $10 per head, per week. If you see a service offering $5, they are most likely underqualified and their customer service is next to zero. Many of these companies will offer a rock bottom price and you will never hear from them again, be very wary of the “cheapest”
  4. Do they have the best bookie software and do they offer your clients an all-encompassing wagering platform that is user friendly, easy and fast?
  5. What about a toll free hotline from the United States and better yet, do they cater to bookies from the US?
  6. Do they offer great lines and odds, are the numbers accessible by you the client and can you edit the numbers?

A great PPH service will not only do all of the above, they will go far and beyond to retain you as a customer. They offer daily reports that can be accessed from your laptop, desktop and in most cases, from your phone. They are your banker all you need is the client. They take care of daily financial reports, cash flow and open and closed wagers, including winners and losers. If you are a bookie that cares about your bottom line and about building a great player base, then you
absolutely must go with a PPH. You will see a very big difference and there will be overnight changes. So jump on board, check it out and get busy making money.