Pay Per Head Bookies – Spotting Smart Bettors-Sharps

The single biggest misnomer in al of sports gambling is the idea that “the house always wins”. The house doesn’t always win and if you are a bookie on any level, you know this to be true.  What you do Is fight for every single dollar that crosses your proverbial desk. Every single dollar, every single penny’s worth of action means something to you. You must keep your lines sharp, they must be sharp and, in your favor, but at the same time, they must be competitive enough to keep clients on the hook. The other side to this management seesaw is knowing when you are getting beat by a “smart” player. There is such a thing, don’t take for granted that these players don’t exist.


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Smart players usually have several online sportsbooks. They keep several for a few different reasons. They will use some bookmakers for the advantages of the bonus being offered while realizing that they may not see a payout until rollover is complete. They also use different bookies for cash only. These are the accounts that every responsible bookie must watch very closely.

There are certainly players that play with cash only as a simple convenience. For whatever reason, they view a bonus as a tie-up, a hassle, ands an obstacle to overcome, so, they stay away. On the other hand, there are players that use cash accounts because they are smart players.


What is a smart player?

A “smart” player or otherwise known as a “sharp”, they are the player that spends a great deal of time handicapping the games they play. They most likely have been gambling on sports for years and may even gamble for a living. These players make it a point to know everything there is to know about betting on any given sport or any given team and they will even narrow it down to individual players. Smart players usually stick to a certain betting pattern, such as betting totals or football money lines. These individuals spend enormous amounts of time studying the game and handicapping the sport, and often they are people that may have worked in the sports gambling industry. They also get their picks from professional handicapping sites like


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When handicappers break down games and potential winners and losers, they tend to study the games that have a spread (not always) such as football. They study underdogs and they arm themselves with a working knowledge of who will cover the spread with consistency and who is overvalued from week to week. The oddsmakers do a fantastic job of setting the odds and usually, they are “on the money” in closeness, however, they can’t possibly be on top of every game. This is where smart players come in, they are on every game and they will torch a bad line.


Telltale signs of a “smart” player”.

There are a few signs that are a dead giveaway when it comes to knowing a “sharp” from a “square”. The first (not always) is cash players. They deposit with cash and they never take a bonus, or any kind of free play that may be offered. Then, when they bet, they only play straight bets, they never play a parlay or a teaser. Smart players will usually select games based on value and they will play one or two a day, almost never more. They never chase a bet. If you take notice of your players betting history, you will see that when they lose, they ride it out and wait until the next day. They are patient gamblers. Smart bettors will almost never play a“sucker bet” or wild/exotic props. They will play props when they think they have found value.


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Look, this is your business, it’s your livelihood, take care of it. Use risk assessment and know what kind of players you have. Don’t continue to get burned. Operating a pay per head is the smartest thing that you can do as a bookie because you have great tracking software, you can keep up with the activity of your clients through the use of reports, on a daily basis.

You need your clients, they are the lifeblood of your bank account but you also need to know exactly what comes in and what goes out, on a daily basis. Make sure you are doing business with the absolute best pay per head organizations in the industry. Protect your money and protect your investment. You can expect losses as a bookie but you must stay on top of the smart bettors or they can literally kill your profits.