Offshore vs. US Sportsbooks: Betting Options

Variety is the spruce of life, and betting options are no different. Both bettors and bookmakers rave more betting markets.

Offshore Offer Many More Betting Options

The competitive nature of the sports betting industry has increased dramatically as more and more states open their borders to sports betting through US-based betting venues.

It is important to keep in mind that offshore books have been catering to the US market for more than two decades. Most US-based sportsbooks have been in the game for less than three years.


This creates a huge difference between the two with the offshore books still offering a much higher level of experience and expertise. One gap that will probably never be closed is the amount of betting options an offshore book can offer as compared to its US counterpart.

Gaming Laws Make Everything Easier

Every offshore book is regulated by the country of its origin. For example, if an offshore book is based in Costa Rica. It is licensed, governed and regulated by the gaming laws in that specific country. 

US-based books can operate in states that govern and regulate sports betting. However, the big difference is the uniformity in the rules and regulations. Each individual state decides what you can and cannot bet on.

These rules and regulations vary from state to state. You may be able to bet on college sports in one state but lose that right by crossing the border into a different state.

The offshore sportsbooks realize that this situation creates a huge competitive advantage. Especially against the US books, and they have been making the most of it over the past few years. They know how to fully capitalize on their strengths to still attract the majority of US players to their online betting sites.

Betting Options – Futures, Props & Live

This is especially true when it comes to betting futures, prop bets and other options.

Even in states that offer sports betting, there are restrictions in place that limit the type of futures available. Add to that, props that US books can’t add to their boards. Most of the betting value in futures and props can be found in betting options that are unique to a particular offshore book.

Offshore Oddsmakers are only limited by their imagination.

That is why the biggest betting events of the year offer the biggest selection of betting options.

At the top of the list would be Super Bowl props. However, the top-rated offshore books know how to make the most of any sport or sporting event that attracts a large betting base.

There are two of fast growing segments of the entire sports betting industry. They are individual game props and live betting after the game has gotten underway.

Near Unlimited Live In-Game Wagering Options

Individual pre and live in-game betting props cover options for scoring, teams and players.

They are available for every game in every major sport or league. This provides an almost endless amount of action on a continual basis. Prop bet odds are not as nearly as sharp as the betting spreads, totals and money lines released for these games. 

You should be able to always find a few daily value bets at your favorite offshore books. US books also offer daily props on a much more limited basis.

Live in-game betting gives you the option of betting on a game as the action unfolds on the field, court or ice. Betting lines are constantly updated during natural breaks in the action. “What happens next” betting scenarios cover a team’s next possession in sports such as football and basketball. Live bets are available for each inning in baseball and each period in hockey.