More and More Sports Gamblers Becoming Bookies

Life as a sports gambler is fun, frustrating, rewarding, maddening, and at times, irritating as heck but it can make you wealthy, so sports gamblers keep doing what they do in the pursuit. Gambling on sports is a fun hobby if managed right. A loss is a loss, you chalk it up and go on to the next game in hopes that your fortune turns around.

What must you do to be good at this thing we call sports gambling?

It all starts with handicapping, you must be a great handicapper and you must focus on one or two sports such as the NFL and MLB or the NBA and the NFL. The one thing that will kill any gambler quickly is too many irons in the fire. It is difficult to handicap one sport, let alone several. Focusing on one or two will make life mush easier and you will see larger profits. Gambling is a hobby but it’s also about winning. You must be winning or gambling becomes a drudgery. Absolutely nobody wants to lose all of the time.

In order to be a good handicapper, you must pay the price daily. This involves becoming a stats geek, if you have no desire to be a stats geek then you can count out any success with sports gambling. If you are the gambler that flies by the seat of your pants and you bet on a whim, or a feeling or a premonition, then you are dead in the water. Nobody can possibly expect to win consistently on luck. Sure, luck goes a long way, we all need a little bit of luck now and then, but relying on luck is the last thing you want to do. You must read and read, and read and read! Really, you must prepare yourself and educate yourself on the sport that you are gambling, you must know everything that there is to know about betting. You will need to become an internet hound, this will take 6-8 hours of reading and taking notes, daily.

Boost Your Bookie Business with Pay Per Head Mobile Betting

If you have ever gambled even just a little bit on sports, then you know the above to be true and this little tidbit of information is barley scratching the surface. There is so much more. The bookies have done their homework, whether it’s the online odds makers or the big boys in Vegas, you can believe, they are prepared to beat you!

Who has time for this? Almost nobody. Gamblers are turning in their gambling card and becoming bookies! Why not be a bookie? You have nothing to lose and you for sure have friends that love to gamble on sports. You may as well be the one getting paid. No more handicapping, no more getting hooked (losing by a half point) no more BS, just collecting at the end of the day.

Real Bookies – New Jersey Federal Sports Betting Update

Gamblers everywhere are starting their own bookie operation because it’s easy. With a great pay per head operation anybody can start up an online casino like and bookie service and have it operational today. What’s even better, a quality service from a quality PPH is inexpensive. The cost to get started is around $10 per head per week. You only pay a one-time fee per player, per week and you only pay if they gamble at least once. Your player may gamble as many times in the week as they like for no additional cost.

A PPH comes turnkey ready. With full casino options and even phone betting if you chose the option. The site is custom built for you the bookie. Stop all of the gambling hassle and start making a ton of money today with a pay per head service.