MLB Betting Strategies for 2022

MLB betting strategies to consider for the 2022 season.

Key Points

— Using a few MLB betting strategies can help bettors through a profitable MLB season.

— Finding quality underdogs is one of the key MLB betting strategies for success.

When springtime rolls around, it means a couple things. One is that Major League Baseball will begin. Bettors have plenty of opportunities – 2,430 games to be exact – to enjoy an outstanding season.

Bettors looking to take advantage of the MLB season should have an idea of different strategies they can use. There are a number of them. Here’s a look at a few things the MLB bettor can do to make his next baseball season a winner.


MLB Betting Strategies – Avoid Large Favorites

The betting public loves teams like the Yankees and Red Sox. They will bet on them regardless of whether they are listed at -150 or -250. That can be a problem.

Since 2005, favorites of -150 or higher have won 63 percent of the time. Sounds good, right? Then, you figure out that if you had bet on all of those favorites, you’d be in the red. 

When you win on big favorites, your payouts are small. When you lose, you lose big. The bottom line is to not bet on big favorites all the time.

Bet Against the Public

If the public likes big favorites, it’s in your best interest to bet against the public. The average bettor will go with his gut. They bet on favorites, home teams, popular franchises, and teams with star players. Your MLB betting strategies need to steer clear of your feelings.

When betting against the public, you are typically betting on an underdog. That means when you win you are getting a pay out at plus-money. You don’t need to win as often at plus-money odds to end up in the black.

UnderDogs as Part of Your MLB Betting Strategies

This is exactly why MLB bettors should look for best MLB moneyline underdogs. When you bet on an underdog, you are paid out at plus-money odds. You win big. When you lose betting on an underdog, you lose small.

Even the best teams lose 60 games

Undervalued plus-money underdogs will give MLB bettors the most bang for their buck. Again, you don’t need to win as often when betting on underdogs.

Your offshore sportsbook betting options can actually make you a smarter bettor. Diversifying your strategy will help you win more bets.

Divisional Underdogs – Read This!

When looking for strong underdogs to back, one group to search is divisional underdogs. In MLB, teams in each division play each other 19 times throughout the course of a season.

Underdogs lose a lot fewer times to divisional opponents than they do to non-divisional opponents. You can break it down even further. 

Road divisional underdogs are a strong bet because the public typically inflates the value of home-field advantage. The other category is the divisional underdog in a game with a high total (usually 8.5 or higher). More expected runs leads to greater variance, which actually helps the underdog.

Check the Weather

Weather is a huge factor in most sports, but wind can really affect the outcome of a baseball game. When the wind is blowing from home plate to the outfield at speeds of eight miles per hour or more, the Over has hit 53 percent of the time in MLB games since 2005.

Likewise, in MLB games where the wind is blowing toward home plate at speeds of five miles per hour or more, the Under has cashed just over 55 percent of the time.