Live Betting is the Newest Wagering Trend

The latest trend in the sports gambling world is live betting, or in-game betting. It is exactly how it sounds. Bettors have the opportunity to wager on games while they are watching. 

Thanks to the number of online betting platforms, bettors have greater access to in-game wagering. The trend will most certainly continue. It’s fun and interactive and bettors can find all sorts of high-value plays while watching a game.


Why is live betting revolutionizing sports betting? That’s easy.

It Is Fun!

Bettors are always looking to make money on their bets. Some spend an unbelievable amount of time doing research in hopes of coming out in the black. 

For the average bettor though, there’s something about watching a game when you’ve placed a bet on it. There’s more of a thrill when you have some skin in the game. 

It’s the same with live betting. You’re watching and it’s 3rd-and-12, an obvious passing situation; but you feel like a draw play is coming so you wager on the underdog – the run. The excitement of watching the quarterback look downfield and then turn to hand the ball to the running back is indescribable. Plus, you just added to your bankroll.

All this talk about live betting made me think about another massive trend in sportsbetting. Check out why prop bets are popular and exciting.

Live Betting Information

There is nothing like having live data at your service in order to make a betting decision. You can do all sorts of pre-game research, but nothing beats real-time data.

An injury during a game can affect the in-game lines. A significant player may be having a bad day, which will also affect odds and the game’s eventual outcome. 

Being able to watch a quarter of play helps bettors make quality betting decisions. Of course, it’s not all that easy to make the right decision. That is why sportsbooks offer live betting. If it was too easy, they wouldn’t offer it. Having live information to work with does help bettors as they search for value bets.

Speaking of Value

If you are a savvy enough bettor, you may be able to spot live betting value. For example, spotting a comeback has significant value.

Think about an NFL game that shows a halftime score of 14-7. What the scoreboard doesn’t show is the losing team’s two turnovers in the red zone. Both drives would have likely resulted in points if not for the turnovers.

That could be the perfect situation to get in on an in-game moneyline bet on the losing team at +185. A hundred bucks to win $185 on a team that just needs to hold onto the ball. That’s value.

A great example of live sports betting value is the 2018 AFC championship game. The Chiefs were 3-point favorites to win but were down 14-0 early in the game. The game’s live lines at the time showed the Chiefs as a 6.5-point underdog.

Understanding the firepower of the Chiefs offense, a live bet on Kansas City would have won as the Chiefs wound up losing 37-31 in overtime. A pre-game bet on the Chiefs, of course, was a loser.

LIve betting provides excitement and plenty of opportunities for bettors to make money. It’s why in-game wagering is taking the sports gambling world by storm.

Speaking of More Value

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