How to Profitably Bet Tennis

How to Bet Tennis is more involved in the thought process than most other sports.  Why?  Because of the factor of having both genders in play at the majors and some other tourneys.  Take the Slam Events like Wimbledon.  A fortnight of action in which the ATP and WTA play side by side.  All that knowledge on the game transfers back and forth between the two organizations almost effortlessly.  Let us examine the dynamics on how to bet tennis and hopefully also profit from this enjoyable experience.

Two Degrees of Moneylines

Tennis is a usual case of two different extremes.  We have early round favorites that see ML’s in the area of -600 upward.  Upset potential is usually wagered in straight bets.  Big ML favorites are usually placed in parlays.  This is a multi way wager in which all the bets must win for the payoff to be awarded.  Why we do this is that the multiplier for the parlay greatly improves payouts.

Second Type is where the favorites are -200 and under.  This is good even for betting favorites because of the reduced vig.  When the ML’s get above -200 then the price the books charge in vig increases to help them survive in the increase of fluctuation when large odds longshots hit.

Spread and Totals

Totals set an amount of games that the match will last.  Usually if it goes in a straight set affair then the under more often pays.  Matches that go the distance have more than a fair share of going over.  This rewards those that can accurately predict nip and tuck affairs as well as blowouts.  Spreads give one person a head start in the amount of games won.  This wager is scored by how many games a person wins.  In the case of huge favorites, the player could win the match but lose the spread option because he/she could not overcome the spot given to the underdog in the books.  America’s Bookie has all of these very popular options to profit from one’s superior tennis wisdom.

Tennis Channel makes scouting and railing small and large events so much easier now.  Now translate your superior sports knowledge into cash today.  Thank you for checking in and we will see you next time here at High Street Betting.