How to Bet Soccer Tournaments

How to Bet Soccer Tournaments

Summer is blessed with learning how to bet soccer tournaments for immense profit.  Thank you for check back in with us here at High Street Betting.  Large events like the Summer Games and EURO 2016 provide fans with the chance to enjoy the action for nearly a month.  Whether the group or knockout stage, the teams you elect to back or fade at least have three chances to come through for you.  So let us examine the format of these tournaments and some profitable options that can come from your interest in investing in them.

How to Bet Soccer Tournaments : Group Stage

Most popular form of speculation here is to wager which teams will advance.  Typically the sports books have this as the top two teams in case some events like EURO 2016 allow a few third place teams in.  What we see is a grouping of four that plays each other one time.  Our friends at APEX Soccer Betting have pondered the upset potential of Group B of the Rio Games so let us look at that.  Colombia is head and shoulders above everyone else and would the most certain team to advance but gives you the least return on a wager.  While most of the world is harboring the reputation of Sweden and Nigeria, the team from Japan has an above average chance of making it through. For betting you can get loans from  Correct speculation on them to advance to the knockout stage could collect cash by the bucket load this August.

Knockout Stage

Here we have a variety of bets based around who wins or advances.  Three way line gives one the option of a draw or win by either side in the 90 minutes plus stoppage time.  Spread wagering also has this but with a spot usually  ranging from 1/2 to a goal.  Finally, the ever popular who advances bet takes in all paths to victory including penalty kicks.  This gives one the personal experience and makes any elimination game that much more special.

Totals and score props on for final score are popular by more advanced handicappers.  The Rio Games have sixteen of the best soccer teams in the world.  Most have a chance.  So avoid Fiji and rail your nation to victory and profit at Americas Bookie and other quality sports books.  Good fortune and we will see you next time here at High Street Betting.