How to Bet Golf

Wagering on golf is ideal for sports fans of every mindset.  Those that want their results at the end of the day have options.  Entertainment value seekers have the ability to savor four days to coast safely into profit.  With a balanced time frame, props galore, and major events spaced out through the year, the PGA is the ideal option to enlist in the expansion of your sports speculation enjoyment.

How to Bet Golf : Man vs Man

A major allure to golf betting is the aspect that one can wager on a single person.  Team sports can frustrate some because of the uncontrollable nature of many cogs in the machine.  Golf pits the person against the course.  How the sports books best avail this allure is with head to head wagering.  They take golfers of every skill set and success level and pit them against each other.  Whether for one round or the entire tournament is up to the person placing the bet.  Lowest score wins with the ties being a push in straight moneyline betting.  So let us look at two members of the elite.

  • Jason Day -120
  • Rory McIlroy +100

Sportsbooks like America’s Bookie will denote whether this is for one round or the entire tournament.  Think that Day will beat Rory then it costs -120 to place the bet.  Rory returns even money if he beats Jason.  Spreads can also be given in amount of storkes one person is spotted for your betting enjoyment.

Futures to Win and Other Props

Higher risk with outstanding rewards exist with the futures to win category.  Pick the golfer you think will win the whole event for a large payday if you are right.  Larger events bring out more props like Top Five Finish, will make cut, and a bevy of nationality wagers based on placement.  Large fields bring out a universe of wagering options at the majors, world championships, and other marquee events.

So hop on into the winning world of betting golf.  You have played and been frustrated by the game on the links.  Now watch it all season long and recoup your investments plus.  Learn how to wager heads up, invest in futures, and roll with the props in the bigger tournaments.