How to Bet 2016 NHL Edition

Bet 2016 Hockey

End of September brings the preseason for hockey and theories on How to Bet 2016 NHL for profit and enjoyment.  Great to see everyone back here once again at High Street Betting.  Today, we embrace the National Hockey League.  Last season we saw a profit making machine like few others at the start of the season.  It flared out because of an injury to a key player.  He is back this year.  With him back to full health, will Montreal go ultra aggressive in protecting leads?  How will the other teams north of the border fare?  All of this for you as we look forward to the 2106 regular season in the NHL!

Bet 2016 NHL Edition : Carey Price

What fun to behold were Montreal at the start of last year.  They would get early leads and place trust in their goaltender.  Not to produce a bunker around him but let loose the dogs of war.  Fast skating and they would pile on the goals because of Carey Price.  He was so good that hanging him out to dry they could often get away with.  Pucklines were cashing with alarming regularity.  Gravy train stopped as he soon got hurt 1/4 in the season for the rest of the year.  He shed extra pounds from his normal career weight.  Should help on the wear and tear plus his lateral movement.  Look for Montreal moneylines to come through a lot in the early going but that puckline feast should be done as they will play more snug in front of him this year.  For those that want a refresher course on moneyline theory, check out our article on this subject.

Do not Look Past Winnipeg

While Calgary and Edmonton might have the label as the next up and comers, do not discount the fortunes of Winnipeg possibly making the playoffs.  Mark Scheifele has a masterful shot and should garner 30 or more goals.  Assists should be handled by Blake Wheeler.  Most importantly to their success is puck retention.  Perreaults over 57 percent in Corsi is the key for the Jets.  If he can get to this clip again, Winnipeg can get the points to gain one of those wild cards.  This team will meet expectations and even exceed them with a few key players playing above their heads for 2016.

So Canada should not be up in arms this year.  Multiple teams should return to the Stanley Cup Playoffs.  Pick the right ones and profit will flow at Americas Bookie into your account. You can also get financial support from Good fortune and we will see you next time here at High Street Betting.