How Baseball Will Evolve with Sports Betting

Between the days when the National Basketball Association and National Hockey League finish their Championship Finals and that Thursday night when we all gather around the TV to watch the NFL season kickoff, sports bettors are more than aware that betting options are limited. At least when it comes to professional sports in North America.

Sure, you have CFL, UFC, golf, soccer and tennis to bet, but let’s be honest with ourselves, the big four North American sports is what we all like to bet most. The MLB schedule sees all 30 teams playing just about everyday, with each getting a scattered Monday or Thursday off. These games offer countless betting options, with traditional betting types like moneyline, totals and run line, and other common options like 1st 5 innings lines and series prices.

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With live betting showing massive growth over the past couple years, and MLB Commissioner Rob Manfred stating he believes that “sports betting can be a great source of fan engagement”, it is apparent that Major League Baseball will get everything they can out of the new legislation passed by Congress to overturn a Federal ban on sports betting.

How will MLB do this you ask? It is actually quite simple, and it is already happening, perhaps unbeknownst to you. With so many games every day, Major League Baseball will steadily be adding more day games, in different time zones to ensure that there is a baseball game playing at most times of the day.

Let’s look at the MLB schedule for August 2018. There are 4 Sundays in August, a day when, for the most part, all games are played during the day with the marquee ESPN Sunday Night game finishing out the week. As well, there are no day games on any Monday in August, leaving 23 days. Of those 23 days, there’s a day game in all but 4, with 15 of those days having multiple games scheduled.

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A further look at those days with multiple afternoon games show a decent amount with at least one game in the East and one in the West. You will soon see an increase in both the number days with the opening pitch coming closer to noon and in games spread out across the time zones.

As I said before, live betting has taken the betting world by storm, and is generating millions of dollars every week. Live betting has gained in popularity because it provides “a great source of fan engagement”. Sound familiar?

I predict in the not so distant future that you will see baseball more like the NFL, who are scheduling and marketing geniuses. The NFL kicks off on Sundays at 1PM Eastern Time followed by wall-to-wall action until the wee hours of the night when Sunday Night Football wraps up. This gives NFL bettors a huge window to bet, not only traditional full game wagers, but also a huge variety of live betting options.

MLB will follow this model, with fans soon being able to watch baseball all day, giving them the same live betting options and nigerian nairas casinos that NFL fans have. Will teams like this? That I don’t know, but when they start seeing the revenue flow from their piece of the betting pie, they will have no other choice.

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For those bettors that aren’t really into betting baseball, and are impatiently waiting for the NFL season, go ahead and give MLB live betting a try. Although the flow of baseball is a lot slower than most other sports, it offers a menu of live sports betting options unlike any other. Go right now, sign into your account and head on into your live betting interface. There’s a good chance there are some live betting odds posted, with even more to come soon.