Game Advisers: The Best Sports Handicapping Service

Game Advisers cover all your sport handicapping needs.

Key Points

– The best sports handicapping services have long-term winning percentages of anywhere between 53 and 60 percent.

– Game Advisers uses a revolutionary new artificial intelligence system to predict winning bets.

Check Out Game Advisers

It’s no secret that sports betting has become increasingly popular in the U.S. over the past few years. Changes in legislation have now made it legal to bet in one form or another in 32 of the 50 U.S. states.

More bettors are entering the market and many of those are trying to do whatever it takes to win. Working with a handicapping service is one way to help bettors of any experience level have more success. 

There are plenty of handicappers out there. But one stands out – Game Advisers (GA): the best sports handicapping service.

What to Look for in a Handicapping Service

When bettors begin the process of searching for a handicapping service, they will usually start with those that have a long track record of success in the industry. Any handicapper worth anything should be able to provide documented results over a period of time.

The best in the business will have a winning percentage of somewhere between 53 and maybe 59 percent. Sure, they may have ridiculous runs of 70 percent or more, but claiming winning percentages that high in the long run should signal a red flag.

Bettors will also want to know what services are provided. Does the handicapping service cover all sports? Can you communicate via email, text, etc.? Some of the answers that bettors get may also put up some red flags. This will help eliminate some of the less desirable services from the mix. 

Most services also have some form of guarantee as well. In this business, typical guarantees are free picks for a certain amount of time. For example, say you lost for an entire week. A handicapper may offer an entire week of picks at no cost.

All of these are important items to look for in a sports handicapping service.

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Game Advisers Are Industry Pioneers

Game Advisers is turning the handicapping industry upside down with its new system. With over 85 combined years of sports betting industry experience. GA has a proven system that finds the best of the best bets for customers.

Game Advisers has your betting needs covered

The results are documented in full. Game Advisers posts all results for all of its handicappers. Not only are all the results posted. But the handicappers are ranked using an algorithm. There is complete transparency when working with Game Advisers. It’s one of the big reasons why bettors trust one handicapper over another.

How It’s Done

Game Advisers has become the best sports handicapping service by using the latest in technology – artificial intelligence. Their system combines professional bettors and handicappers data with a number of other components.

These include in-house and expert sports picks, real-time stats, and other relevant data and information. All of this information is then used to produce a revolutionary betting advice system – Game Advisers. Their mix of picks is guaranteed to help you win more bets.

In the end, customers are provided winning sports picks across all sports. Results are always posted so there is 100 percent transparency. Losses are never hidden and graded picks are always front and center.

Features Offered at Game Advisers

GA provides its members with a number of features designed to keep the customer for the long haul. 

Bettors will know exactly where the sharp money is on all bets as the AI (artificial intelligence) system tracks professional bettors. 

Members never miss a pick as they are notified via the Game Advisers notification system. Customers receive text messages that offer instant access to picks that move lines. Members will never miss out on what looks like a sure bet.

The service also provides a variety of bet types. There are the straight bets on the moneyline and against the spread. Game Advisers will also provide bets on quarters, halves, and even props.

Don’t Discount Customer Service

The customer service is outstanding, which is something bettors should look for from a handicapping service. Game Advisers has a 24/7, around-the-clock customer service staff that is available to assist a member at any time of day. Whether it is accessing data or needing more information about how it all works, customer service is always there.

Anyone that enjoys betting on sports can benefit from the use of a sports handicapping service like Game Advisers. Studies have shown that only about 10 percent of all bettors show consistent positive returns. 

Just one percent of bettors are considered professionals. Game Advisers knows exactly what those professionals are doing with its unique system. The average sports bettor can move himself into that 10 percent by simply enlisting the help of the best sports handicapping service in the industry.