Football Season | Where the Money is for a Bookie

The 2019-20 NFL season is back, and the preseason has started with a bang. The NFL is cyclical, teams that were bad five years ago and beyond, they now have promise, teams that were god five years ago, some of them are awful. Then there is the “old faithful’s of the NFL – you know the ones-teams that have not been terrible but haven’t made it over the hump. No matter who it is or where it is, players come out of the woodwork this time of year and they are looking to beat you. They are looking to get the money in, and they want to break you. This is great news! The more they play, the more they lose, the more they lose, the more they want to beat you, round and round it goes. If you’re a corner bookie then you should be looking for a great Pay Per Head for the NFL season.

The money is in a couple of places…

• Pay Per Heads: The Pay Per Head industry was created around 20-years ago with football in mind. The industry as a whole took several years to catch on, after all, who wants to give money to a stranger to manage your business? This was certainly the rule of thought, and not until recently has the industry taken off.

• Today, Pay Per Heads to dominate the online landscape. Any bookie that’s anybody probably has a Pay Per Head. Not only are they a fantastic option for football, but they are also equally as great for all of the major sport and beyond.

• A Pay Per Head is software for bookies that’s online-based, there are no downloading, programming, coding, or site-building skills needed. All the bookie needs to know is how to turn the computer on and run a mouse!

• The Pay Per Head performs the duties of a bookie, the bookie simply follows along.

• The beauty of the software is the built-in racebook, and casino. Every bookie wants both. The more options you have with your Pay Per Head, the more players you will attract.

• The Pay Per Head is a turn-key operation that is 100% setup for your players to start playing right now. You get an online presence with a .com address and all you have to do is recruit players – you now have the time.

As mentioned earlier, football bettors love options and they will use them when available

• Teasers: You must offer them. Both NFL and NCAA bettors love to bet teasers for one simple reason – the numbers look beatable. Never forget something; the more teams added to a card, the more difficult it becomes to win that card. You must promote teasers, push them, they are a large revenue stream and ultimately hard to hit.

• Prop wagers: In football, there are all kinds of prop wagers being offered on nearly every game. There are player props, game props, totals props, and many more. Prop wagers are another source of close to unbeatable revenue.

Bookies Find Value With Pay Per Head Services

The football season is the high season, this is the time of year to make a killing and you must be sharp, on your game, organized, and operating with a tight budget. Set player limits early and know who is up on the house and who’s down. Give yourself a chance to earn a six-figure income this season with a fantastic Pay Per Head. They start at $7 per head and up to $10 per head, however, you pay nothing now. Find the perfect Pay Per Head with a great reputation and one that’s offering a free trial, no-obligation offer. Take your bookmaking business online today and start reaping the benefits.