College Football Upsets Come with Big Profit 9/3

College Football Upsets

Beauty with college football upsets over their brethren in the pros is the increased profit potential from the increased frequency that the longshots come through.  A welcome holiday break for us all during this Labor Day weekend.  Chance to collect our breath and cash some of those longshots that always seem to come through on the opening weekend.  Let us look at the early action and how our bankrolls could have been blessed many times over on this opening Saturday of the 2016 College Football Season.

College Football Upsets : Cougars Could be Real?

Sustained interest from the lemmings propelled Oklahoma for a nine point favorite to the region of -13 by the time their noon game kicked off against Houston.  The Cougars are the darlings of some football fans because they are outside the establishment of the Power Five conferences.  This flavor of independence typifies the American spirit and caused some people to forego the points and bet Houston to win at +425 odds at America’s Bookie.  Wouldnt you know it that this blessed wager came through as Houston won 33-23!  Dancing all the way to the store to pick up those extra cases of beer and more ribs for the holiday weekend.

Why Better Than NFL?

There are double digit games in the NFL in terms of spread.  However, the talent is known and there are not the special systems that can make up for the talent difference in the professionals.  In their awful days, Jacksonville could cover a -18 against a Denver or New England but there is no way the ML would come through.  College it is a different game.  A Western Michigan can go pass happy and upset a Northwestern for a healthy profit.  The small and mid level teams have a better chance of pulling the win out against the titans of football than what happens in the NFL.