Build Your Bookie Business with PPH Services

It’s important to continually build your bookie business. Staying current with technology is priority #1. Key Points – Using the right PPH service allows the modern bookie the time to build up his business. – Finding the right PPH service takes time and an understanding of what to look for. Build Your Bookie Business with

MLB Betting Strategies for 2022

MLB betting strategies to consider for the 2022 season. Key Points — Using a few MLB betting strategies can help bettors through a profitable MLB season. — Finding quality underdogs is one of the key MLB betting strategies for success. When springtime rolls around, it means a couple things. One is that Major League Baseball

Offshore vs. US Sportsbooks: Betting Options

Variety is the spruce of life, and betting options are no different. Both bettors and bookmakers rave more betting markets. Offshore Offer Many More Betting Options The competitive nature of the sports betting industry has increased dramatically as more and more states open their borders to sports betting through US-based betting venues. It is important

Bookies Find Value With Pay Per Head Services

Remember that guy his name was Saul, or Vinny, or even better yet Guido! Yea, those guys… They were all corner bookies back on the block in Trenton, or Brooklyn, or for that matter Chicago, New Orleans, Houston, Kansas City and even out to Las Vegas, and LA. Here we go setting the stereotype, but

Basic Soccer Bets Explained

Expanding into other sports requires one at times to have articles like Basic Soccer Bets Explained to get both existing and new customers into different wagering arenas.  High profile tournaments like the EURO Cup 2016 give you quality teams for a high entertainment factor.  Steering your clients towards these events with the occasional nudge of

How to Profitably Bet Tennis

How to Bet Tennis is more involved in the thought process than most other sports.  Why?  Because of the factor of having both genders in play at the majors and some other tourneys.  Take the Slam Events like Wimbledon.  A fortnight of action in which the ATP and WTA play side by side.  All that

How to Bet Golf

Wagering on golf is ideal for sports fans of every mindset.  Those that want their results at the end of the day have options.  Entertainment value seekers have the ability to savor four days to coast safely into profit.  With a balanced time frame, props galore, and major events spaced out through the year, the

Special Teaser Bets

By Eduardo Solano Special teaser bets or sweetheart teasers are teaser bets for both football and basketball where you can incorporate either 3 or 4 picks (teams) in bets placed on point spreads and/or totals. Instead of the regular points, special teaser bets give you 10 (3 teams) and 13 (4 teams) points in football