Boost Your Bookie Business with Pay Per Head Mobile Betting

Whether you are relatively new to sports betting as a private bookie or a seasoned veteran that
has been taking action for longer than you care to remember, you would probably agree that
rapid advances in online sports betting software is the driving force behind this multi-billion
dollar industry.

If you took a formal poll, the average person would suggest that most of the sports betting
action in both the United States and around the globe is placed through a sportsbook. This
could pertain to the government-regulated brick and mortar books in places such as Las Vegas
or any foreign jurisdiction where sports betting is legal. It could also refer to any number of
offshore sportsbooks operating online from a legal jurisdiction such as Costa Rico of Panama.
The reality of the situation in the sports betting industry is that more than half of all the betting
action is booked by private bookies like you running and managing your own independent

This phenomenon gave rise to the whole Price Per Head industry, which is responsible for
providing the necessary online sports betting solutions needed to run and manage your own
book. The price per head shops in the marketplace today rely on the same Internet technology
that all the big offshore books use to run their million-dollar online websites. There are still
bookies out there taking bets by the phone or paying a visit to all the local joints to take a bet
face-to- face, but that is a rapidly dying breed. If you need to check on payday loans online, you should read more on it.

Today’s sophisticated sports bettor is driven by mobile technology. The same mobile technology
they use to manage bank accounts, pay monthly bills or control some of the basic functions in
the places they live. All you need to do is go out to a public meeting place to see just how vital a
handheld device has become in a relatively short amount of time.

The top Pay Per Head providers in the online sports betting industry today, like Real Bookies
recognized these changing patterns years ago and made the proper investments in their
services to meet this growing need for a reliable and secure mobile betting platform. With each
passing sports betting calendar year, more and more sports bettors are turning to their handheld device as opposed to a home computer or even laptop to place their online sports bets. They  are also using this technology to track and monitor their online betting activity or to move funds in and out of their online betting accounts.

An effective mobile application that is up and running 24 hours a day, every single day of the
year is one of your PPH service’s most important features and a huge money-making benefit to
you as the booking agent. So much so, that a great deal of the money that Pay Per Head sites
pour into the operations end of their businesses is in the area of mobile applications as they
relate to an agent’s individual custom website.

If your Pay Per Head site’s mobile platform is down, your bookie business is down, view this list
of pph sites. If your customers cannot access their online betting accounts through a reliable
mobile platform, your weekly cash flow and bottom-line profit is going to take a hit. You may
think you are doing a great job at controlling up-front costs by shopping for a PPH site according to its weekly per-head fee for active betting customers. However, if the site you choose has ongoing issues with its mobile betting app, all of those savings will quickly be compromised by
lost business.