Bookies Find Value With Pay Per Head Services

Remember that guy his name was Saul, or Vinny, or even better yet Guido! Yea, those guys… They were all corner bookies back on the block in Trenton, or Brooklyn, or for that matter Chicago, New Orleans, Houston, Kansas City and even out to Las Vegas, and LA. Here we go setting the stereotype, but it safe to say, this is a relatively fair stereotype. If you have ever bet on sports, or if you have ever darkened the halls of a backdoor in an alley that lead to a high-stakes poker game or even blackjack, then you know this stereotype oh so well.


Corner bookies have been around the United States since the dawn of time and the stereotypes are fun to talk about and remember, but times, they are a changing! The old way is out and there is a new sheriff in town when it comes to efficiency in the world of sports gambling –The online sports betting sites. The online bookies have revolutionized the gambling industry, not only with sports gambling, but also with casino gambling. The Guido’s of the world have pretty much hit the highway, sure those guys are still around but not how you may think they are. Guido has become very sophisticated. Take a look at how times have changed and how Pay Per Head Services can change your business, your bottom line, and your life.

What is a Pay Per Head Service?

A Pay Per Head Service is software for bookies, that comes in the form of an online casino and sportsbook. It is a turnkey service that allows the bookie to take betting action from day one, in both the casino and sportsbook.

● When thinking about software, a DVD comes to mind, you know, one that you pop into your computer and download, then use the application. This is not what a Pay Per Head Service is, however, it is similar, and follows the same concept.

● When we say “turnkey”, we really mean “turnkey”. You will not have to download any programs, you do not have to be a programmer or have computer skills beyond what the average, every day person has.

● A Pay Per Head Service is offered by a Pay Per Head provider. You find the provider online and sign up with them. They offer a turnkey, ready to go, Las Vegas style casino and online sportsbook.

● When you sign up with a Pay per Head Service, you are the owner of the casino and sportsbook, you have the ability to make the decisions just as if you were the corner bookie, back on the block. You can set the daily lines, you set betting limits, you set the limits for the casino, you decide whether or not to extend credit, but the beauty of all this, you don’t have to do much of anything. The lines are set for you, you may take them, change them, or leave them.


What are the benefits of a Pay Per Head Service?

● You no longer have to do the work, everything is done for you.

● Accounting, you probably love it right; wrong! Who loves accounting? The real point is this, you have no time for accounting unless you can afford to hire an accountant. You probably can’t afford an accountant and even if you could, you still don’t want to pay for an accountant. You must minimize costs’ and in order to do that, you end up as the “jack of all trades”. You are the accountant whether you like it or not. Stop this! With a Pay per Head, they take care of the entire accounting process, it’s an automatic process and it’s done daily.

● Reports – Accounting Reports – You will have daily access to every report as to how your money has been spent or earned.

● Bet slips – You no longer have to grade them. All of the bets that are made by your clients are automatically graded, you can see them, and your client can see them from home or on a mobile device.

● Client – They will love you for opening a Pay per Head Software because now they no longer have to see you! Really, they no longer have to drive to your house, or meet you in a bar somewhere, they can do all of their betting online.

Pay Per Head Services are inexpensive.

● A great Pay Per Head service will usually charge between $10-$15 dollars per head, per player. That is a weekly charge per client. You pay the fee if your client makes at least one wager either in the casino or sportsbook. The number of bets they can make for the one low price is unlimited.

● Your clients will have access to a toll-free customer service line, as will you.

● You can get started in about a day!

● A great Pay Per Head Service will offer a free trial, you can get your feet wet, “try before you buy”.

The Gambling industry is a multi-billion-dollar enterprise and there are great rewards in using a Pay Per Head Service. Find a great one and get started with no up-front cost, and a free trial. You will see a huge difference in your profits and you will have fun again.

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