The Glorious History of Football

[featured-img]   The game of American Football was derived from early versions of rugby football and a bit of soccer, both of which their origins can be traced from the United Kingdom. Both soccer and rugby, and thus American football, have almost similar objectives of kicking the ball to a goal or over a line.

Sports Betting: The Money Line

[featured-img] While most sports bettors are familiar with the point spread as a means for betting on certain sports such as football and basketball, the common way to bet on sports such as baseball and hockey is the money line. In general terms, a money line is a handicapping device used by oddsmakers to level

Local Bookie or Offshore Sportsbook

[featured-img] If you like to bet on sports, you are probably using one of two ways to place your wagers. Some bettors prefer to use a local bookie who they have built a relationship with, while others rely on any number of the large offshore sportsbooks that have sprung up over the past several years

Sports Betting: Money Management

[featured-img] Nobody bets on sports with the intention of losing money, but unfortunately that is one of the harsh realities of an activity where even the best handicappers in the world can struggle to make the right pick just 60 percent of the time. That is the main reason why anyone who is serious about

Online Sports Betting Through the Years

[featured-img] The decade of the 1990’s marked the start of a radical shift in how gamblers would be able to bet on sports. Las Vegas had been known as the sports betting capital world for years, but unless you were actually on the strip at one of the many casinos with a licensed and regulated

Basic Types of Bets Available with Sportsbook Betting

[featured-img] Once you have signed up for an online sports book account online there are a lot of options to choose from. For that reason, we will go over the basic types of bets available with sportsbook betting. When you have made a deposit in your account you are ready to bet football, basketball, baseball,

Betting Online

Betting on sports has slowly, through the years, made the transition from transactions with local bookies taking bets from clients on the street corners and barrooms to the World Wide Web. A brief background, for the uninitiated: Online betting on sporting events started to grow in the mid-1990s in several countries in Central America and the Caribbean. Antigua, Venezuela (its Margarita Island, in particular), Aruba, Curacao, Jamaica, the Dominican Republic, Costa Rica and Belize were the hot spots for many years. The sports betting business really exploded in 2001 when research showed that there were more than 8 million players placing bets online. With sports betting becoming so mainstream, dozens of bookmakers have moved there operation offshore. One example is the AmericasBookie brand. It is an independent bookmaking operation that is owned by the RDG Corporation. Others operators own a "skin" or "white label" operation, which they purchase from companies like RDG Corp., as is the case with 1vice and Bet33. Other gaming solutions that have cropped up, alongside the online sportsbook operations, is in the field of the bookie service industry. Local bookmakers can now move their clients offshore and provide them with the many more betting options. They can plug their players in at a preferred sportsbook by renting account-for-bookie software providers like real bookies or 247pph. At that point, the only obligation for the local bookie is to pay and collect from his customers back home. This a pay-as-you-go solution, where local bookies pay a fee per head to the software provider in exchange for the ability to use their front-end (what the players see in terms of lines) and back-end (what the bookies see in terms of figures for the clients) infrastructure. The future is here in 2016, and there probably won't be many changes going forward in terms of how the local bookies do business. The professionals in some of the aforementioned offices in Central America have been doing this for years and have the ability to handle dozens of agents and thousands of betting customers.