Gaining Input Into Your Pay Per Head Bookie Website

The entire sports betting industry has undergone a major shift in how it conducts business today. This is especially true in the United States as more and more states are opening land-based sportsbooks in their existing casino and horse racing facilities. These same states (with more to come) are also expanding sports betting operations online

Pay Per Head Bookies – Spotting Smart Bettors-Sharps

The single biggest misnomer in al of sports gambling is the idea that “the house always wins”. The house doesn’t always win and if you are a bookie on any level, you know this to be true.  What you do Is fight for every single dollar that crosses your proverbial desk. Every single dollar, every

How Baseball Will Evolve with Sports Betting

Between the days when the National Basketball Association and National Hockey League finish their Championship Finals and that Thursday night when we all gather around the TV to watch the NFL season kickoff, sports bettors are more than aware that betting options are limited. At least when it comes to professional sports in North America.

Boost your Summertime Golf and Tennis Betting with Pay Per Head

The month of July ushers in summertime in all its glory and while the local pools, lakes and oceans are filled to the brim right now, it can be a tough task to wrangle up some betting action as a private bookmaker given the annual lull in the sports betting calendar. Learn how to bet

More and More Sports Gamblers Becoming Bookies

Life as a sports gambler is fun, frustrating, rewarding, maddening, and at times, irritating as heck but it can make you wealthy, so sports gamblers keep doing what they do in the pursuit. Gambling on sports is a fun hobby if managed right. A loss is a loss, you chalk it up and go on

Boost Your Bookie Business with Pay Per Head Mobile Betting

Whether you are relatively new to sports betting as a private bookie or a seasoned veteran that has been taking action for longer than you care to remember, you would probably agree that rapid advances in online sports betting software is the driving force behind this multi-billion dollar industry. If you took a formal poll,

Betting on NASCAR at Top Online Sportsbooks

College basketball is king in February leading into next month’s madness and both the NBA and NHL betting action heats up heading into the second half of each sport’s regular season. Before you know it, the Boys of Summer will be back on the field for the start of another season of Major League Baseball.

Betting on NFL Game Props at Your Favorite Sportsbook

A new NFL season means a new opportunity to try and bang your favorite sportsbook with some early season winners while the oddsmakers are trying to sharpen up the lines. It is also a great time to take advantage of all the team and player props that the best online sports betting sites will release

Betting football – Make Your Sportsbook Pay You This Year

Sports gambling is a mammoth industry and the top football sportsbooks are getting rich. Its estimated that gamblers spend $50 billion annually in the US alone; just on football. How much are you making, are you getting rich? There is something about football that every gambler loves. Football is more fun to gamble than any

5 Tips for Adding More Bettors this Football Season with Pay Per Head

[featured-img] It is that time of year again when online sports bettors start preparing for another season of football at both the college level and the NFL. If you are an independent sports bookmaker looking to capitalize on all this added action, then this is the time of the year to develop a marketing strategy