Betting on NFL Game Props at Your Favorite Sportsbook

A new NFL season means a new opportunity to try and bang your favorite sportsbook with some early season winners while the oddsmakers are trying to sharpen up the lines. It is also a great time to take advantage of all the team and player props that the best online sports betting sites will release

Betting football – Make Your Sportsbook Pay You This Year

Sports gambling is a mammoth industry and the top football sportsbooks are getting rich. Its estimated that gamblers spend $50 billion annually in the US alone; just on football. How much are you making, are you getting rich? There is something about football that every gambler loves. Football is more fun to gamble than any

5 Tips for Adding More Bettors this Football Season with Pay Per Head

[featured-img] It is that time of year again when online sports bettors start preparing for another season of football at both the college level and the NFL. If you are an independent sports bookmaker looking to capitalize on all this added action, then this is the time of the year to develop a marketing strategy

Monitoring Your Day-to-Day Betting Activity

[featured-img] A flood of different computer reports when it comes to running your independent sports bookmaking business can result in having too much information. What you really need from your Pay Per Head service are concise business reports that can quickly give you the right information. If you don’t know what is pay per head,

Bet Sports : Championship Profit

With fall approaching, the onus on how to Bet Sports gears up for Championship Profit.  NASCAR has their Chase for the Sprint Cup where drivers can not sit on their merits for too long.  For another solitary sport, thirty men descend on The Tour Championship in golf.  Here at High Street Betting, the ramifications and

2016 NFL Regular Season For Profit

Allow the love of loathing for your team in 2016 NFL Regular Season produce profit for your emotional investment.  Rejoice with all of us here at High Street Betting as the season is now upon us.  Opening week where the debuts will produce more than a few surprises right from the get go.  Thursday the

College Football Upsets Come with Big Profit 9/3

Beauty with college football upsets over their brethren in the pros is the increased profit potential from the increased frequency that the longshots come through.  A welcome holiday break for us all during this Labor Day weekend.  Chance to collect our breath and cash some of those longshots that always seem to come through on

How to Bet 2016 NHL Edition

End of September brings the preseason for hockey and theories on How to Bet 2016 NHL for profit and enjoyment.  Great to see everyone back here once again at High Street Betting.  Today, we embrace the National Hockey League.  Last season we saw a profit making machine like few others at the start of the

Betting on Totals for College Football Season Wins

Value and entertainment across all of the season go hand in hand with Betting on Totals for College Football Season Wins.  Great to see everyone again here at High Street Betting.  Today, we examine the very popular college football future.  This wager style is custom made for those that know their teams.  Sure fluke events

Wagering Preseason NFL Games

August comes and thoughts of Wagering Preseason NFL Games comes to our minds.  This Thursday sees an excited welcome to all here at High Street Betting.  Five games are scheduled and almost for certain that we will see the return of football.  No paint issues this time that derailed and canceled the Hall of Fame