How to Bet the NBA

It is time to look at how to bet the NBA. One of the great things about betting different sports is that they are all different when it comes to handicapping. Something that gives you an edge in NFL betting doesn’t necessarily do the same when betting the NBA. Betting on any sport can be

2021 NHL Season Handicapping

The new NHL season is underway, and that means hockey betting and 2021 NHL season handicapping is in full effect. NHL hockey provides bettors with a great opportunity to win big for months. However, if you make bets at will on the NHL, you will have a tough time winning consistently. Handicappers put countless hours

Live Betting is the Newest Wagering Trend

The latest trend in the sports gambling world is live betting, or in-game betting. It is exactly how it sounds. Bettors have the opportunity to wager on games while they are watching.  Thanks to the number of online betting platforms, bettors have greater access to in-game wagering. The trend will most certainly continue. It’s fun

Why Prop Bets Are Popular?

What makes the NFL or NBA more fun to watch? When you bet on a safety being the first score or you bet on LeBron James to score more points than Kawhi Leonard in a Lakers-Clippers showdown…that makes any game more exciting. This excitement in only part of the reason why prop bets are popular.

5Dimes Sportsbook Players Need a New Sportsbook

The big news in sports betting several weeks ago was that 5Dimes sportsbook would be no longer. There was plenty of news and drama regarding that, but the big hit was to the players. The players that were playing there now need to find a new place for their sports betting. is here to

Guide to Betting on First Five Innings in MLB

An MLB betting market that’s often overlooked is the “first five innings”, have you ever been frustrated by a bullpen blowing a game you put bets on after a starter played great? It happens all the time in baseball! And one way to avoid it is to bet on first five innings markets instead. The

Tips for Betting on the MLB Home Run Derby

Do you look forward to the MLB Home Run Derby every year? I’m a big fan of the derby and it has been exciting in recent years. Millions get wagered on the derby with online sportsbooks every season and it’s a fun market to have some action on. If you’re going to watch the derby,

Avoid Betting Big Favorites in Baseball

On MLB betting, you see the Astros are playing the Orioles and start thinking dollar signs. Have you ever done that before? Who wouldn’t want to bet on the Astros? They should dominate and easily win. However, is that actually the case in reality? Let’s take a look. In 2019, the Astros played the Orioles

Football Season | Where the Money is for a Bookie

The 2019-20 NFL season is back, and the preseason has started with a bang. The NFL is cyclical, teams that were bad five years ago and beyond, they now have promise, teams that were god five years ago, some of them are awful. Then there is the “old faithful’s of the NFL – you know

Bookies Find Value With Pay Per Head Services

Remember that guy his name was Saul, or Vinny, or even better yet Guido! Yea, those guys… They were all corner bookies back on the block in Trenton, or Brooklyn, or for that matter Chicago, New Orleans, Houston, Kansas City and even out to Las Vegas, and LA. Here we go setting the stereotype, but