Understanding the Logic Behind Sports Betting Odds

What you need to know about sports betting odds. Key Points – Understanding sports betting odds is the first step to betting success. – How sportsbooks set odds also helps the betting process. Understanding the Logic Behind Sports Betting Odds In order to be successful at sports betting, it is important to understand how oddsmakers

Win More Often Betting on Basketball

How to win more often betting on basketball. Key Points – A few simple strategies can help any bettor win more when betting on basketball. – It takes work to make money betting on basketball. Win More Often Betting on Basketball If you are consistently betting on basketball, you should examine your routine. You can

How LIV Tour Will Affect Golf Betting Markets

The LIV tour will affect golf betting markets. Key Points – Golf betting markets will surely be impacted by the LIV tour. – Not all US states offer action on LIV Golf betting markets. How LIV Tour Will Affect Golf Betting Markets The 2022 Open winner Cameron Smith was one of six notable players that

Why is Betting on College Football Different from the NFL

Betting on college football is both the same and different when compared to NFL betting. Key Points – College football is much less predictable than pro football. – The biggest difference between NCAA football and the NFL is the rosters. Betting on College Football Is More Unpredictable College football is more unpredictable than the NFL

Game Advisers: The Best Sports Handicapping Service

Game Advisers cover all your sport handicapping needs. Key Points – The best sports handicapping services have long-term winning percentages of anywhere between 53 and 60 percent. – Game Advisers uses a revolutionary new artificial intelligence system to predict winning bets. Check Out Game Advisers It’s no secret that sports betting has become increasingly popular

Build Your Bookie Business with PPH Services

It’s important to continually build your bookie business. Staying current with technology is priority #1. Key Points – Using the right PPH service allows the modern bookie the time to build up his business. – Finding the right PPH service takes time and an understanding of what to look for. Build Your Bookie Business with

MLB Betting Strategies for 2022

MLB betting strategies to consider for the 2022 season. Key Points — Using a few MLB betting strategies can help bettors through a profitable MLB season. — Finding quality underdogs is one of the key MLB betting strategies for success. When springtime rolls around, it means a couple things. One is that Major League Baseball

Offshore vs. US Sportsbooks: Betting Options

Variety is the spruce of life, and betting options are no different. Both bettors and bookmakers rave more betting markets. Offshore Offer Many More Betting Options The competitive nature of the sports betting industry has increased dramatically as more and more states open their borders to sports betting through US-based betting venues. It is important

Cy Young Odds 2021 – Finding Value

It’s time to find some value in the 2021 Cy Young odds. Bettors and fans alike know the 2021 MLB season is set to begin at the beginning of April, with a full schedule set. Betting on MLB has become more popular in recent years, especially with futures bets. Betting on the Cy Young Award

How to Bet the NBA

It is time to look at how to bet the NBA. One of the great things about betting different sports is that they are all different when it comes to handicapping. Something that gives you an edge in NFL betting doesn’t necessarily do the same when betting the NBA. Betting on any sport can be