Betting on Totals for College Football Season Wins

College Football Season Wins

Value and entertainment across all of the season go hand in hand with Betting on Totals for College Football Season Wins.  Great to see everyone again here at High Street Betting.  Today, we examine the very popular college football future.  This wager style is custom made for those that know their teams.  Sure fluke events might derail one game in a season but our sound judgment allows us to project where we think our team will finish. Let us see how we do this at Americas Bookie and other quality offshore sportsbooks.

College Football Season Wins

Oddsmakers have the burden of attempting to project the line in the sand for colleges all across the country.  By probability and statistics alone, there are going to be some lines that are more than a little off.  Take for example the Texas Longhorns.  Experts have set the value on them for 2016 to be 6.5 wins.  7 or more on the over would cash.  If Texas tanks and finished with six or fewer wins then the under comes in.  With the depth in the Big 12 improving from top to bottom, there are few conference games that are going to be pushovers for this once proud program.

Whole Numbers

Some people like to bet on offerings that have whole numbers in the line.  It is that get out of jail free card if the team finishes with the exact number of wins as the line was set.  When this happens, it is called a push and the bet is returned to the balance of the bettor.  Northwestern of the Big Ten has one of those whole numbers with their season pegged at 7 wins by the linesmakers.  A ten win program last year is projected to have a downturn this year.  Defense is strong but their QB has to progress further than being a game manager for the Wildcats.  Good news is that they are at my gym for their first four games for the fitness.  Bad news is that play every elite and name program in conference play.  I like the over for this one as they should finish the regular season with eight wins.

Final note with this type of bet.  It is for regular season games only.  Conference championships and bowl games do not count towards the grading of the wager.  So embrace this for the 2016 season as it gives you something to root for all year long.  Good fortune to you in your ventures and we will see you next time here at High Street Betting.