Betting football – Make Your Sportsbook Pay You This Year

Sports gambling is a mammoth industry and the top football sportsbooks are getting rich. Its estimated that gamblers spend $50 billion annually in the US alone; just on football. How much are you making, are you getting rich? There is something about football that every gambler loves. Football is more fun to gamble than any other sport, the action, the excitement, it draws a player in.

There are sharp players and there are rookies.

Who are the sharp players, who are the rookies?

Rookies are those players that although they are called rookies, they are not rookies. They have been playing for years, they love the action and they live for having a buck or two on a game to make it more exciting. Who doesn’t? There are a lot of games every week and some of them can be downright horrible. However, try throwing $50 or $100 on the game and see just how horrible it is. Laying a little change on a game makes it fun, and gives you a much bigger reason to watch. The problem for rookies is simply put; they play like rookies! These are they guys who bet without conducting any research, they go into a game knowing nothing and betting on a feeling or because they like the team. They bet with their heart or a gut feeling. More often than not; they lose. These types of players usually end up the season winning around 45% of the time.

Sharp players go into every season having a plan and a well-built plan. They have spent countless hours doing their research and knowing who is a good bet and who is a bad bet based on trends, statistics, streaks, how a team plays on the road, how they perform at home, how they play in bad weather and on the list goes… Sharp players win and they win a lot.

How can you become a sharp player?

No one says that becoming a sharp player is an easy task to accomplish, however, we have put together some friendly advice and some practical ways on how to beat the bookie this year. If you want to win at a 55% level or higher; take a listen.

  • Never bet scared money, it leads to bad decisions and bad bets.
  • Set a budget going into the season, know how much you can spend each week.
  • Never chase bad bets
  • You probably have a sportsbook that you used last year. Get another one or two, even three. You must have more than one.
  • Shop around for the best lines. When you shop for groceries do you always go to the same store, or do you look for deals? Exactly! Shop around. Have several local bookie and online sportsbooks in your back pocket, you will need them.
  • Stop betting like a rookie! Stop betting crap games. Just because its Dallas/Denver or USC/Notre Dame, does not mean it has betting value.


If you really want to win money this year, you will get some sound betting advise. Nobody became sharp on their own. Sharp players had help along the way and they still have help; loads of help. There are sound football game advisers out there that do this for a living and they win big. They are well worth your money. Do you really have time to do the research needed to win at least 55% of the time? Not many people do. Who cares about pride? What you care about is winning and making big money. Change the way you play. Become a winner this year.