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With fall approaching, the onus on how to Bet Sports gears up for Championship Profit.  NASCAR has their Chase for the Sprint Cup where drivers can not sit on their merits for too long.  For another solitary sport, thirty men descend on The Tour Championship in golf.  Here at High Street Betting, the ramifications and even strategy this time of year changes.  Let us see how knowing the format well can greatly provide a boon to your bankroll in September and beyond.

Bet Sports : Reset Every Three Races

Win and you are assured of the next stage is the theme for all the stages of NASCAR’s Sprint.  Sixteen goes down to twelve in the first step.  Then the win counter resets meaning that no one is safe once again.  Not only does this open the door up to wonderful head to head wagering but complex scenarios that the oddsmakers get wrong.  Off market prices are a staple of this format and can be exploited by motorsports fans all across the United States.

Golf : The Tour Championship

30 players are left with first prize at this event getting a hefty payday.  Do not let this deter you however as most everyone is after that Ten million dollar bonus for finishing first which was sponsored by  This year if any of the top five including Jason Day or Dustin Johnson win then they control their own fate and pocket the very large bonus.  After that, the rest of the field can win but have to have certain dominoes fall the right way to net the big one at the end.  For example, Rory can win this event and the whole thing if Dustin does not get clear second at the same time.  Work down the list and the complexities get mind boggling.  Easy wagers at top and intricate patterns to unravel for those that love the long shots to win at golf, please visit spela taipei gratis bästaonlinecasino Thanks.

Unique events where the man controls his own fate is thrown out the window somewhat.  Position, placement,and what your rivals do will have an impact on advancing or winning in these normally solitary sports.  Good fortune betting these at Americas Bookie and we will see you next time here at High Street Betting.