How to Bet Baseball : Interpreting Line Movements

Bet Baseball

An under appreciated aspect to bet baseball is to diving line movements at Americas Bookie.  Good Morning and welcome back to High Street Betting.  Today, we will examine a typical market shift.  The Astros are playing at Oakland tonight.  Both starters have different sets of momentum coming into this one.  With this being a pitcher dominated game, a peek at ML and the totals should give us what their mindset should be for their game on July 18th.

Bet Baseball : Line Movements

Fiers for Houston against Graveman for Oakland.  These two could not have entered this encounter much more differently.  Fiers was used as batting practice by the Mariners as they uncorked three home runs in his last start.  Look at his stats for his last three starts to see how he is rolling in for this one.

  • WHIP 1.83
  • Strikeouts to Walks of 9 to 7
  • ERA only 3.95

So despite getting himself into jams and letting bombs fall vs Seattle, he was done an admirable job extracting himself of many difficult situations.  SO when he faces a team in a strong pitchers park with an average at best offense, Fiers should be able to get out of most situations tonight unscathed.


Graveman has a much lower WHIP of 1.12 as of late but an ERA at 3.20 for that stretch.  Avoids more trouble but does not have the percentage success of getting out of them that Fiers is having as of late.  Now the market has these moves.

  • Houston ML -118 to -139
  • Totals at 8 1/2 with very little movement and that is on the under to -115

Now the sharps expect a lot out of Fiers tonight.  Graveman they are not as concerned about because he can not punch his way out of jams against Houston like Fier will vs Oakland.  With the total being stagnant, this also reveals a second play in the portfolio this evening.

Investment opportunities at Americas Bookie this evening.  Houston ML is steam and the RL of -1 1/2 is also prime to be plucked.  On the totals side, the most vulnerable facet according to the sharps is the TT under on Oakland.  Learn how to read the line movements and let the sharps do most of the heavy lifting.  Good fortune and we will see you next time here at High Street Betting.