In the ever changing landscape of online sports betting site one thing remains the same; players want paid and they want paid quickly, conveniently and hassle free. Not only do they want paid, they want a great bonus, they want live wagering, dynamic live lines and wagering options. Players want to beat the bookie, that’s why they play. The number one reason to play is to cash in at the end of the day. In order to cash in, there must be a wide variety of betting options. If there are very few options, players will find a site that offers more.

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What do we mean by wagering options?

As mentioned, times have really changed in the online world of bookies and sportsbooks. Back in the “not so technologically up to date days” the bookies offered a handful or less, ways to play on a game. It was very basic, pick the side, total, moneyline or spread, parlays maybe a round robin and maybe buy points. That was pretty much the deal, it was what it was and you liked it or made a trip to Vegas, and really, Vegas was doing very little more.

The offshore bookies have made live betting popular and dynamic lines are pretty much unheard of in Vegas. If you like to visit Vegas, live in Vegas or send money to Vegas for sports betting purposes, then having several online bookmakers is a great choice.

What to look for in a great bookmaker:

Wagering Options:

  1.  Straight bets, everyone offers them but do they offer them at the most competitive prices? Are
    the lines (the juice) is it competitive?
  2. Buying points, do they offer it on not only football but basketball as well, are the prices competitive? You might be surprised which bookies will try to sneak in an extra nickel or even a dime per dollar. Look closely, shop around.
  3. Futures, once again shop around. Most all of the online guys offer futures but that doesn’t mean “one in the same”. Not by a longshot. Find the best numbers especially in an NBA or NHL playoff series.
  4. Parlay payouts, are the payouts at your bookie industry-standard or have they spiked the juice? Watch carefully, a lot of bookies add to the juice which will affect the payout should you get lucky and win.
  5. Props, this is action within the action, bets that are related to the sport in which you are betting. Example: The Grand Salami. This is a prop bet that allows you to bet the total combined points on every baseball game for that day. If you know the game of baseball and handicap at least a little bit, this can be a lucrative way to bet on MLB. Look for this option
  6. Live wagering. Don’t consider having a bookie that doesn’t offer live wagering. Live wagering is a great way to hedge your bet or simply get in. Possibly you couldn’t make the start of the game, you were at work or in traffic or whatever the case and you missed the start, live wagering has your back.

When deciding on an online wagering site be sure and search out a reachable, toll free number from the United States. There are times when you will need to call them and if it cost $5.00 a minute or they only have an email option, why would anyone want this? Find a bookie that caters to American Players and one that offers quick and easy deposits along with payout methods. Don’t sell yourself short, read the reviews and find a top online sports betting site today.