Basic Types of Bets Available with Sportsbook Betting

Once you have signed up for an online sports book account online there are a lot of options to choose from. For that reason, we will go over the basic types of bets available with sportsbook betting. When you have made a deposit in your account you are ready to bet football, basketball, baseball, soccer or almost any sport you are interested in. There are many different ways to bet your favorite sports, but today we will focus on the basics so that if you are new to sports betting you will not be overwhelmed. Once you get the hang with it you will enjoy sportsbook betting much more and will learn ways to make your experience much more profitable.

As we stated previously, we will go over a few of the basic types of bets available with sportsbook betting. We will explain several of the most popular types to get you going and as you become more familiar with sportsbetting you can move on to more advanced techniques and ways of betting.

The first and most basic type of bet is the straight bet. This bet is just what it sounds like. A team is predicted to win over another by a certain amount of points, which is called the point spread. The favored team is giving points to the underdog team. The favorite is indicated by a – and the underdog is indicated by a + and the amount of the point spread. If they event is considered equal between both teams, it will be indicated by PK (Pick em) or E (Even Money). An example of how you would see this listed would be:

101 Buffalo +6
102 Dallas –6

The home team is always listed second and it is simple to make this type of bet. If you choose to take Dallas to win, they must win by more than six points. If they win by exactly six points, it is called a push and you get the amount of your wager back. If you were to take Buffalo to win this game, you would win if Dallas won the game by less than six points. In other words, you start the game ahead 6-0.

The next type of sportsbook betting we will discuss is the money line bet. With this type of bet, you are wagering more if you pick the favorite than you would if you bet on the underdog.

101 Buffalo +120
102 Dallas –140

To bet on Dallas, the favorite, you must risk $140 to win $100. If you prefer to wager on Buffalo you will bet $100 to win $120.

The last type of bet we will talk about for now is called totals, or more commonly known as an Over/ Under bet. The odds makers set a total number for a game which reflects what the total score will be for both teams. For instance, if the O/U for a game is 49, you are betting whether you think the combined total for both teams is under or over this number. If you bet over and the score is 35-21, you would win because the total combined score is 56. It is as simple as that.

As we said earlier knowing the basic types of bets available with sports betting will get you started. As become more familiar with betting, there are more advanced types of bets available to you.Click here  for a complete guide on sports betting.