Basic Soccer Bets Explained

Expanding into other sports requires one at times to have articles like Basic Soccer Bets Explained to get both existing and new customers into different wagering arenas.  High profile tournaments like the EURO Cup 2016 give you quality teams for a high entertainment factor.  Steering your clients towards these events with the occasional nudge of a free play could have a new life long friend that wager soccer.  In the spirit of expanding into the thrilling world of soccer wagering, we will proceed to explain the basic types of bets that get your feet wet into the pools of profit.

Basic Soccer Bets : Three Way Line

One of the wager types that the new soccer fan will see is what is termed as the three way line.  This gives the fan a chance to bet on either team to win or for the draw to occur.  What must be stressed to avoid hard feelings is this.  This wager type is only good for the 90 minutes of the game plus stoppage time.  Whatever the result is at that point stands.  SO in tournaments like EURO 2016’s knockout stage, if a team losses in extra time or in penalty kicks, the draw bet is the one graded as the win.  Very important to tell your clients or have this displayed prominently.  Nothing derails customer expansion into soccer then when a beginner feels hurt because he or she did not understand this from the get go.

Totals and Various Props

Totals takes the look at the projected number of goals scored total by both teams. Typically between even team this might be at 2 1/2 goals.  Under or over and hit it right to collect the wins.  Speaking of goals scored, predict the end score is very popular to rack up huge amounts of vig for the bookie and big paydays for the bettor.  Take Belgium’s 4-0 win in this tournament over Hungary.  This paid in the region of +3000 for those that got it right.  Sportsbooks and bookies collected from the masses that did not bet on this longshot.  Very popular among the type of bettors you want to court.  The shot takers that dont mind going on reaches time and time again.

Get them nudged in the door of soccer betting to see continued return.  Soccer is a thrilling sport where skill and dynamic play on the pitch rewards those who bet on it.  Simple to pick up but takes a life time to master.  The rewards of soccer are ample for both bookie and bettor.  Thanks for tuning in and next time we will tackle the question of Asian lines in soccer and see if the math supports this style of wager.