Guide to Betting on First Five Innings in MLB

An MLB betting market that’s often overlooked is the “first five innings”, have you ever been frustrated by a bullpen blowing a game you put bets on after a starter played great? It happens all the time in baseball! And one way to avoid it is to bet on first five innings markets instead. The

Tips for Betting on the MLB Home Run Derby

Do you look forward to the MLB Home Run Derby every year? I’m a big fan of the derby and it has been exciting in recent years. Millions get wagered on the derby with online sportsbooks every season and it’s a fun market to have some action on. If you’re going to watch the derby,

Avoid Betting Big Favorites in Baseball

On MLB betting, you see the Astros are playing the Orioles and start thinking dollar signs. Have you ever done that before? Who wouldn’t want to bet on the Astros? They should dominate and easily win. However, is that actually the case in reality? Let’s take a look. In 2019, the Astros played the Orioles