5Dimes Sportsbook Players Need a New Sportsbook

The big news in sports betting several weeks ago was that 5Dimes sportsbook would be no longer. There was plenty of news and drama regarding that, but the big hit was to the players.

The players that were playing there now need to find a new place for their sports betting. Americasbookie.com is here to save the day.


It is full of great betting lines, from the NBA Finals to MLB Playoffs to college football, along with tons of bets on the National Football League.

Whether you want in-game betting, prop bets, or just the straight-up betting lines, AmericasBookie.com seems like the best place for you. All of the wagering options, and all the banking options imaginable, all in one spot!

Options Galore for Main American Sports

We all know – football is king! Betting on the National Football League is common all over the world now. Americasbookie.com makes betting on the NFL so easy, even a caveman could do it.

The site is so smooth, and everything is right there and ready for you to click. You can bet straight bets, teaser bets, round robins, etc. 5 Dimes sportsbook clients need to look at AB!

When you select a wager type and the sport, they will give you all the options. If you are looking for a specific wager, click on that game, and all the wagers available for that game are listed below.

Finally, live betting is an option. Sitting by the TV, betting on the NFL is a staple like no other in 2020!

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Sports, Sports and More Sports!

AmericasBookie.com has all the sports. You name the sport – they have it. Soccer, of course, is a huge sport to bet on, and America’s Bookie has that covered and more. 

America's Bookie has you covered

America’s Bookie has you covered

We count up nearly a dozen regions of the world that they have betting odds for in regards to soccer. Table tennis, rugby and even Madden are options that you will struggle to find at other places.

If you are looking for an online casino to go with your sports betting – once again – you have found the place! The online casino features table games, slots, keno and video poker. 

Blackjack, poker, roulette and many other table games are available. Not only do they have those games, but they also have alternate versions of many of the games. 

Video Poker is also available, and exciting, with up to 21 different slot options!

But Can You Get Paid?

The million-dollar question when looking around for sports betting sites is – will they pay me? And the other question is – will they pay me on time? AmericasBookie.com offers MoneyGram, Boss Revolution, Etherreum, Ria and Bitcoin to put money in, and also take money out. 

When you are ready to make a deposit, whether it is your first time or you’re a returning customer – click on the Cashier button, and they take you from there!

Payouts are available Monday through Friday at Americasbookie.com. You can ask anyone that’s used this service before, and they will rave about the customer service. 

Some places will take days or even weeks to get back to you, and it seems like they may never resolve an issue. That is NOT the case at Americasbookie.com!

5Dimes Sportsbook Players – Come Over To America’s Bookie Today!

Don’t delay! Get started today! Head over to Americasbookie.com, get ready for this weekend’s action on the NFL or even the MLB playoffs, and get to betting! 

We highly recommend this site, and look forward to hearing your positive feedback on it once you grab an account, deposit, and start betting!