5 Tips for Adding More Bettors this Football Season with Pay Per Head


It is that time of year again when online sports bettors start preparing for another season of football at both the college level and the NFL. If you are an independent sports bookmaker looking to capitalize on all this added action, then this is the time of the year to develop a marketing strategy to attract some additional players to your bookie business with the help of your Pay Per Head provider.

1-Create a Referral Incentive

Your active sports bettors are probably your top resource for adding some new players to the mix. Many of them would probably be more than happy to pass along the contact information for a few friends or family that might be interested in placing some football bets with your bookie service, but why not sweeten the pot by giving them something for their efforts just like the big offshore sportsbooks do for their customers. It could be in the form of a “free bet bonus” for every new player you add from an actual referral or you could pass on some savings with a “reduced juice” offer on their future bets. Either way, you cannot go wrong when you start calculating how much more profit your business might take in this football season with some more sports bettors booking their action with you.

2-Maximize Your Football Betting Options

To successfully compete with the big online sportsbooks during football season you need to have a betting board that offers everything they do and possibly more. Your Pay Per Head service should be able to set you up with all the betting lines you need including odds for futures and props. You never want to give any of your current betting customers as well as any prospective ones a reason to look elsewhere for football betting action. You can work with your price per head service on expanding your offerings and most of the top PPH services in business today will allow you to move your own betting lines as part of the per head fee that you already pay.

3-Enhance Your Online Presence

If you do not already have a customized website for your bookmaking business, it is imperative that you find a Pay Per Head service that can create one for you heading into the busiest time of the year. In today’s highly competitive business environment, you need to have a professional online presence that can add a high level of legitimacy to your bookmaking operation. The majority of sports bets placed today are online and you need a website that is not only professional in appearance, but easy and safe to use.

4-Update Account Profiles for Existing Players

There is a good chance that a certain percentage of your existing customer base only bets on football, so you want to make sure that any customer profiles that you have created through your price per head software are updated heading into a new season. Just because someone bet football games with you last season does not mean that will automatically look you up when they want to start betting the games this year. By updating your player profiles, you can make sure that you do not miss out on any opportunities to reconnect with past customers.

5-Market Your Bookie Services with an Email Campaign

Along the same lines as updating customer profiles, you also want to maintain an updated email list of all of your betting contacts. The start of a new football season presents the perfect reason to reach out to everyone and let them know what your bookmaking service has planned for the coming year. An email marketing campaign also offers a great opportunity to try and connect with any potential betting customers that you have contact information for.