2021 NHL Season Handicapping

The new NHL season is underway, and that means hockey betting and 2021 NHL season handicapping is in full effect. NHL hockey provides bettors with a great opportunity to win big for months. However, if you make bets at will on the NHL, you will have a tough time winning consistently.

Handicappers put countless hours into betting, and it shows with their payouts. Here are my tips for handicapping the 2021 NHL season.

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Utilize Multiple NHL Sportsbooks

If you utilize multiple sportsbooks, it will be beneficial for your NHL betting. It’s a fact that not all sportsbooks give you the same odds to win on hockey.

Sportsbooks are usually run by pay per head services. PPH services create all the odds for a sportsbook.

There are countless PPH providers that are employed in the United States. This means that odds will typically vary from sportsbook to sportsbook.

This is the case for all types of bets. One book may have the Flyers at -110, while another book could have them at -150. If you’re picking the Flyers to win, it’d be beneficial to take them at -110.

This way, you’ll receive a larger payout because of the heightened odds. This is a common occurrence in hockey betting. When you shop betting lines, you are almost assured to increase your winning percentage.

Bet Early Odds

Sportsbooks don’t give hockey the same attention as other sports like football or basketball. Oddsmakers or PPH services have been known to throw up hockey odds without much consideration.

Hockey doesn’t make sportsbooks a lot of money, so they don’t give these odds a lot of attention. This makes your 2021 NHL season handicapping very important.

This is a great opportunity for bettors to take advantage of these mistakes. Early odds tend to offer bettors an easy win if you’re constantly viewing different sportsbooks.

2021 NHL Season Handicapping – Research Teams

Research is the single most important factor when it comes to NHL handicapping. It’s hard to place a phenomenal bet if you don’t know anything about the game. You should be studying constantly.

Betting is like a test in this sense. The more work you put in leading up to puck drop, the better results you will see on your betting slips.

You should be studying basic things like the injury report or how a team has played in their previous contests. You should also compare teams to make a guess on how they will fare against each other. Don’t forget to look at the advanced analytics as well.

Another important group of statistics to look at is how the team has done ATS and on their totals. This will help you when it comes time to bet these lines.


Focus on Goalies for the 2021 NHL Season

Goalies make a major difference in the outcome of a game. Goalies are the most important position on the ice for NHL handicappers.

You should look at a wide range of goaltender statistics. This will allow you to estimate how a goalie will perform against an opposing offense.

This is important for all types of bets because if a team doesn’t score, they can’t win the game. Focusing on goalie play is the best way to take advantage of the house for your NHL wagers.

Good luck this season betting on NHL hockey!