2016 NFL Regular Season For Profit

2016 NFL Regular Season

Allow the love of loathing for your team in 2016 NFL Regular Season produce profit for your emotional investment.  Rejoice with all of us here at High Street Betting as the season is now upon us.  Opening week where the debuts will produce more than a few surprises right from the get go.  Thursday the 8th has a polarizing game between the two foes in last year’s Super Bowl.  Let us see whom we like and how any adult can profit from the action at Americas Bookie right now.

2016 NFL Regular Season : Be Bold for Profit

Week One is upon us and even though we have not seen the finished product as a complete work, there are some trends and lines that are difficult to ignore. How does Denver in the era of rampant passing yards get to the point where they are fielding inexperienced quarterbacks in the season opener?  Carolina has even more offensive options back with Kelvin Benjamin regaining his health at WR after that Achilles tear.  Only key loss for the Panthers is Josh Norman in the back field.  Front line power to stop Denver’s rushing attack.  -3 gift a gift at Bet33 and other fine wagering establishments for the 2016 regular season opener.

Perplexing Line Movement

One of the games that has the oddest line movement is occurring right now with the Lions at the Colts.  A 4PM game on Sunday that has seen the Colts go from five point home favorites down to -3 1/2.  Detroit has missing passing options at receiver with Calvin gone due to retirement.  Colts are pegged to do big things this year and have a better quarterback at their helm.  Dome team with plenty of noise behind them.  Fade the market shift and go with the Colts at – 3 1/2 for your profit on Sunday.

The 2016 NFL Regular Season is almost upon us.  Plenty of profit to go around.  Sometimes from the get go, the spread is vulnerable.  Other times it is the sentiment or logic of the masses that are at fault.  We have a case of both in this week one of football action.  Good fortune today and we will see you next time here at High Street Betting.